Why should you Sybbol? Well because God knows we need a reason to move.. Why haven't you gone for a walk outside? It's sunny - my skin will age...Its raining .. Why haven't you burnt some calories today? Well - the kids.....Well I'll..... The gym was closed..... Come on.. Come one, come all, build a community, build a team or get the existing one to move together like we did.. We need all the chances we can get to keep the romance alive, to keep our camaraderie alive.. So dance and move your twinkle feet... Dance and feel your heart soar.. Dance and hear yourself hum a tune in the silence of a long elevator ride when your feet just itch to move.. Dance to Sybbol!

Santoshi Jain

We had a very interesting SYYBOL workout at a recent meet. No other workout has been so interesting and so much fun! I have always been a fitness freak, a believer and follower of yoga. Had never done exercise in a group format. The workout was very different in the way it was conducted, its combination with dance and music and way it was impacting the whole body! The energy and enthusiasm in the group pushes one further to do better and keeps you going. The pattern of making sure your body is getting toned, getting the right kind of stretch…makes you love your body! Loved the workout! I would your workout…love your body!

Smita Arora

Well, first of all dancing has always been a passion! Learning new moves, developing strength and stamina day by day is always a plus point. I've lost 12 kgs and I've become much more flexible. I feel lighter, stress-free and energetic after the class. Thank you so much for all your efforts

Reshma Rathod