Discover Syybol

To dance with the feet is one thing, but to dance with the heart is the TRUE thing!

We love dancing and have developed a full body Bollywood dance based workout from a fitness first perspective. An energetic bunch, we are always excited to bring fun, excitement and health to the class. In fact this is just such an enjoyable workout that we promise you : your Syybol hour will be the happiest hour of your day!

Our mission is to assist you in rediscovering yourself: your body, your spirit, your fitness. Our classes are designed to increase your confidence while giving you the opportunity to dance, stretch & sweat and improve your well-being.⁠⁠⁠⁠

Syybol - An introduction

Dance-based workout

Syybol is a complete body workout set to music with dance moves that incorporates the elements of cardio, strength training and stretching.

Maximum Results

The Syybol workout pattern also uses principles of HIIT and aerobic breathing, helping you achieve an absolutely great workout.

High Effectiveness

The Syybol workout pattern is systematically designed and developed over 12 years for increased calorie burn. Even as you have a lot of fun!


A loyal fan following of more than thousands of people. And dancing away into the hearts of many more!

Our Founders

Ashraf Sayed


Ashraf is a successful and popular dance & fitness coach today. His journey began way back in his childhood. As a sports inclined kid, Ashraf competed in interschool, state and national level athletics. Along the way he discovered his passion for dance and started learning professional dancing. Life raced ahead for Ashraf after he was chosen winner among 2000 contenders at a dance event. His passion peaked, including a stunning performance at the IIFA Awards.

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He was forced to slow down due to a dance related injury. While the team of doctors around him was telling him that he would never dance again, Ashraf’s mind was already discovering ways to fuel his passion for dance. He started observing dance from a fitness perspective. This helped him dive deep into understanding muscles, how they are connected and how they work. Having healed himself of his injury, Ashraf resolved to become a dance and fitness coach.

He invested the next 12 years of his life working with clients who sought his support as a dance and fitness coach as well as fine tuning his own fitness practice. Ashraf’s experiments with both fitness and dance lead to a beautiful integration between the two disciplines. A convergence of sorts happened when Manisha Kapoor joined her twin passion for dance and fitness with that of Ashraf’s and it was named Syybol!

Manisha Kapoor


Manisha Kapoor is a marketing and branding professional from Mumbai. To balance her sedentary corporate lifestyle of over 2 decades, Manisha was in a forever search for a fitness regime that was effective. Her rather uneventful and episodic visits to the gym and experiments with different diets only left her unsatisfied from within. Along the way, she had a slipped disc. It was a wakeup call making Manisha sit up and focus on her fitness.

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Knowing the value of peer motivation and leveraging the technology of the times, she formed an online community in the year 2013. Community members helped keep each other on track. Therein began a more serious affair with fitness. The community grew, and with that Manisha’s interest and consistency with fitness become steadfast.

Manisha started training with Ashraf and discovered the sessions to be more intense, yet fun than anything she had done before. No other workout, even the famous international dance fitness workout, was as interesting and as result bearing as this. When she began strength training with him, Manisha realized that his workouts were significantly different than most other workouts. The songs, the dance, the group energy was just fantastic. And the workout was so much more than just cardio and jumping around.

A couple of months later, they got talking to see how this wonderful workout could reach more people - and that was the beginning of SYYBOL.